Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Saving Money

Last night , I went  to Harvey Nichols with hubby to check on the sale , I don`t have anything specific  in my mind ! I just want to buy a thing , anything but This is me , I got excited & I ended up with nothing . 

I don`t know why I have that feeling , but I am a Shopaholic , I buy things that sometimes I don’t use , but I guess because I decided that I am going into a saving plan , my mind programmed itself that I don`t have to buy things that I don`t need !!

Or maybe I imagined that ?? 

I wish I could stick to that plan : ) I want to do it at least once in my life . I noticed something , that in Kuwait  , it is really embarrassing to tell others that you are saving money or it is (fashla) . I was one of those people , I prefer to spend money rather than declaring that  I don`t want to buy such a thing because I am saving & I ended up with a zero bank account . 

I noticed that , I don`t have any children so my chances are higher to save   , even if I ended up spending my saving money on a shopping spree in London but at least I saved . I am challenging myself & lets see If I could do it 

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rencontrer Pauline said...

bravo !

why embarrassing!? at work we always talk about when to save ...im never shy talking about it with people but I do get jealous when someone saves money cause i know theyre not broke lool plus encourages me to save too:P