Monday, August 12, 2013

Don`t get Married

Nothing can hurt a woman more than her feeling that she had been fooled by her husband , I am not talking here about a boyfriend or any other relationship ,  I am talking about marriage . 

Marriage is all about trust , communication  & respect .  I know that love , sex & intimacy is there , but to respect  your wife & to be faithful to her are  the most important elements to a happy life . 

Kuwaiti men suffer from lack of respect towards their women , not all of them of course . 

He can be with her in the mall walking next to her holding her hand with his children , following the beautiful girl he was stalking last night when he was out with his  friends & this wife has no clue . 

I hate that 

Men , please , if you are not ready to be faithful , to raise your children or to start a family 

Do Not Get Married 

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