Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Life After Marriage Post : Years

source : Tumblr 

Years passed mashalah , so fast but still I feel new to the marriage life  , I am not exaggerating , I still have the feelings that I am still “New” and there more things to come enshalah .

Still I am not bored !! Everybody told me ,  after 3 years  you will wake up from the dream and you will be back to reality

Thanks God I am still living a beautiful dream , there are some nightmares of course but overall , I am living the life that I imagined as a little girl

I guess choosing (Newq8Bride) as a title for my blog and as a nickname happened for a reason  , Thanks God .

Hmmm maybe because I tried my best to get involved with my  hobby ,my life &  never expect things so everything works right for me .

Also , I should never forget that I am blessed with a great husband , living in a good apartment , & both we are in a good health so my life elhamdulah is on the right path .

I don`t want anything to change,  only for the best


J I love you more than anything , I am ready to face the world and fight for u  , I dont know how to express my feelings , but no one ever will know how happy I am with you , U Are The One 

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