Monday, July 29, 2013

with the right partner , life is easier

I did it , usually I am that kind of person who collapses under stress , I know that I am strong & I can survive with  many  difficult situations , but If I know that I will be having a busy day , I will turn to be  the worst person on earth  .

I decided to change  , calm & take the easy way

I want to be cool , specially that I don’t want to hurt j with my bad , stressful mood & thanks God I did it
I had a photo shoot last night (details will be revealed  later )  I was so nervous  , I don`t know who am I going to look ?? Am I going to do it right ?

Thank you God That J was there for me all time to support me , I can`t thank him enough , I know that he is facing those closed minded people who are living in our society , & what I love about him that he is strong mashalah , he believes in what he is doing so he doesn't care about anyone else

What he is doing is something big for me , maybe some people think that I am exaggerating  but no , I`ve seen how some husbands treated their women & I Know that I am blessed

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