Monday, July 29, 2013

Sweet Morning with @muffycake07

Good morning , 

صباح الخير 

قاعدين تفكرون شنو الحلو اللي تاكلونه بعد الفطور ؟؟؟ 

Are you still thinking what to order for desserts? specially the after Iftar need of grabbing anything sweet & eat it ? 

"The perfect dosage of sweetness"


جربوا اليوم 

What are you waiting for ? order now & get "The perfect dosage of sweetness "

من الصور انا تعبت نفسيا و انشالله بس اجربه راح اقولكم رايي  بالضبط 

و يقدرون بعد انه يصممون لكم الكيك بالشكل اللي تبونه 

also if you are looking for a customized Cake from @Muffycake07  ? it can be customized by Evet Management (Instagram: @desiredevet)


For orders, call  (+965) 65020530
Instagram: @muffycake07
Twitter: @muffycake07

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