Friday, July 12, 2013

New Couples facing new Life & Ramdhan

This Ramdhan is my 8 th Ramdhan as a married woman. I got married 5 days before Ramdhan in 2006 . So the shock was doubled , to begin a new life as a new bride + Ramdhan It was really hard but at the same time it was a great experience , j was helping me a lot to get over the "home sick" he was trying not to let me feel depressed , every time I asked him to have Iftar at my parents he would take me there and join me too . Then I realized that I should calm down , cuz j made me feel safe & comfortable . Communication between newlywed couples Is the main factor to survive the changes . Men should try hard to understand their women , try to let your woman feel that u are there for her , so she can adjust with her new life . The most important thing don't believe what anyone tells u about what to expect about marriage be your own true self then love each other's true self , try to put your spouse first in your life , for example in Ramdan if she didn't like the food that have been made in your parents don't get mad , yes that big change is so difficult for her , both of u think about each other and remember that life will be easy if u want to

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