Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Life after Marriage : Kuwaiti Men R selfish !!

I heard this a lot in Kuwait , Kuwaiti men are selfish & they never support their women . There was that discussion with some of my friends regarding this issue , we were talking about how men never appreciate what their women are doing , always looking down at them & their  interests   .

Of course not all of them but the majority are acting this way regarding their women's success , I guess the main factor is Fear , he is afraid that one day she will leave him , because she is smarter , stronger or wealthier , or maybe he raised in an environment women were not allowed to accomplish .

Personally , Thanks God I don’t face this trouble , but I know that there are few things we  , married women should do .

- Communication , you should have a solid base , which is communication , if you are ,  from the beginning of your life together  suffer to communicate with each other , sorry this will be really tough. You should have a clear conversation with no barriers , tell him your plans & ask him for his opinions  , keep in mind that you should remind him that he should always be there for you & you will never do that without his support , ever man needs to hear these words from his woman . 

Talking about myself , I am telling the truth & not lying , 
Yes I am  the one doing all the work for the blog , but I know if J is not supporting me , It will be hard to go on , I take his opinion , ask him and listen to his point of view regarding any issue  and updating him of what is happening . 

- Always thank him & you should , because if you are not living a stable life , you will never ever will be creative  , so don`t forget that . 

Life is easy walah we just need to learn few steps that will turn your life to heaven 

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الحمد الله ...الله رزقني بريل يقدرني حيييييييييل ...الف الحمد الله