Sunday, July 28, 2013

Fashion as a Religion

It is A four hour documentary about fashion which Karl Lagerfeld will star in it 

الفاشن كديانة  ، لا تطلع علي اشاعة بعد اني مرتدة عن الإسلام اعوذ بالله 
بس هذا اسم فلم وثائقي  النجم فيه الديزاينر العالمي 
كارل لاغيرفيلد 

في هذا الفلم راح يتم اثبات نظرية الصحفية مارتينا نيون و اللي فيها تبين انه الفاشن له اثار واضحة على الناس اللي يتابعون و مهتمين مثل تأثير الدين على الأشخاص المتدينين 

"Mode Als Religion (Fashion as a Religion) will test journalist Martina Neuen's theory that, for many, fashion affects those obsessed with it in a similar way that religions affect the religious (for example, she measures and contrasts the brain stimulations of a Catholic priest and a fashion follower as they interact with their religions. Lagerfeld also plays a prominent role in the documentary, ostensibly demonstrating via interviews and behind-the-scenes looks into his work and personal life how far fashion devotion can go. The documentary will debut for our Deutschen friends on September 7 on Vox, but we're sure non-German speakers will be wily enough with the Internet to procure their own version soon after. Good luck Googling! (WWD)"

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