Sunday, June 09, 2013 : Great post

I read an interesting post in Summer blog Called " Break The stereotype "  you should read it guys . inspires me to write this post 

Thanks God , for giving me the chance to break the stereotype of the Married Couples . I don`t mean that couples who are living the normal life of a husband and wife are wrong , but that's the typical image we have in the mind from the  society will never work for me . 

We are happy & this is the most important thing , I don`t care what people are going to say about me , sometimes their comments hurt , but I started to learn not to pay attention to negativity . 

Do you know that lots people told me that my marriage will not last more than 4 years if i didn`t have children as soon as possible ?? 

Here I am , with no children & alhamedllah we are still in the honeymoon phase "Mashalah " 

& enshalah I will have children one day , if this was in God`s plan for me . 

Al7mdelah both us reached the highest level of happiness & peace of mind yet we are not living the typical husband and wife live . 

It is a lifestyle , everyone have the right to choose what makes him "Happy" if you are not happy that`s mean you are living in an Image that you don`t belong to 

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