Tuesday, June 11, 2013

that's it

My days on twitter are reaching the end , totally not  in the mood for it & don`t feel comfortable tweeting anymore , I started tweeting in 2009 , and I guess it is the time to quit because I am not gaining anything from it , I am just wasting my time . 

So more posts I guess will be in my blog :P pointless ranting posts  :P 

Twitter became a toxic environment , for me at least , my account will remain active but I will not tweet like I used to be , till I stop 

what do you think ?? did you noticed the difference ?? between  

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American Girl said...

Sweetie, people are jealous of you and they will do anything to make you unhappy. You are happily married, have a loving husband, live a comfortable life, and are a kind person. Sadly this makes other women crazy. Some people are only happy when they see others miserable. Don't let them have any control over what you do or how you live your life.