Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The wonders of Life after Marriage :/

Good morning 

Really I need to go back to bed !!! 

Remember my previous posts few years ago ? When I was complaining about J snoring every night keeping me awake ?? 

Let me tell you the thing that is happening now , I Can`t sleep if he is not there next to me Snoring !!!!!

This is a new thing I've just learned about marriage ! During the first 3 years you try your best to get a proper night's sleep since you are not used to the fact that  Someone is snoring next  to you .

Then ,  the situation will totally transform , that if he is late hanging with his friend , or spending the weekend in the chalet  , you can't sleep because you are used to his snoring to make you sleep 

The wonders of Life After Marriage 

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