Sunday, May 05, 2013

Retro event by @lusciousdesigns

Nothing is more  exciting like receiving an invitation to a Retro event , while you have already something special to wear .  I admired  Mom`s vintage dress for a long time , but I was waiting for the right event to dress up in a dress from the 70s . 

@ lusciousdesigns made my day when I notices the event`s theme  : Retro . 

I know that my dress was not from the 60s era , but it worked . That dress was a gift from Dad to mom during  a business trip to London in the early 70s 

The event was in collaboration with @thedress & @Bohemia 

The event was organized perfectly , Thank you Hala 

@lusciousdesigns Located in Altejariya 

The table setup made by


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Dudette said...

Thank you so much for coming :**