Monday, May 20, 2013

I am so stressed , I feel that I have no time for anything , tomorrow is my plane & I feel lost I don`t know  why I am having that feeling !! 

Come on it is not my first time to travel ?? What's wrong  ? 

I made a list , enshalah I will stick to it 

My apology to all of you who invited me to attend your events , I will not be in the country till 1st June 
To be honest , this is the first time in my life that I don`t really want to leave Kuwait : ) walah I found that there are lots of things to do here !! 

If you need anything from Istanbul just let me know ;) 

حبيت اعتذر من كل اللي دزوا لي دعوات  اني ما راح اكون موجودة بس لمدة 10 ايام 
انشالله اقدر صج اني اخذ بريك لأني ادري اني ما راح اهد انستغرام و لا البلوق بس  صج لازم ارتاح 

طبعا حدي لوية لأني مو بشقتي لي الحين 

و اغراضي مشتته 

اذا تبون شي من تركيا 
قولوا لي 

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bndq8 said...

Have a fun filled safe trip ahead of you :)