Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The End of the Haters , Back on track

My life is back on track Alhumdellah . Enshalah today I will attend my first  event after my short break .

 I read a great post by http://crazyyetwise.com/ , talking  about her daily life as a mother and pointing out an important subject . Blogging & bloggers , I mentioned  that a lot & I don`t want to repeat what I said but I have something  to say  , anyone who has a problem with bloggers , blogging and their lives ,   don’t read their blogs ,  don’t follow them in instagram or twitter & no one will blame you . I know that this is the negative side of blogging , it is sad that anyone would leave a rude comment , or talk about you in a very bad way , but it happens.

When I blog , I do it because I like it , yes I enjoy it and it is really fun , I like to be invited to events & openings mainly because I meet new people & get to know more about life in general . I enjoyed it .

Come on , I don`t have any responsibilities !!! Why not socialized with amazing people  & have some fun ;) 

I had enough talking about that , so I will not bring this subject again That is it . hater are going to hate , there are some people around us who just want to spread hate . The End 

The makeover started in my apartment , mainly the work is going on in my bathroom , but I have to transfer to my brother-in-law`s apartment since he is no longer living with us . I hate moving from one place to another , I don`t know how could some wives  do it regularly  , even when we had a row , I will never think leaving the house just because of the packing :P  & yes because I can`t spend a night away from u j :* 

Al7mdelah , yes the dust is everywhere , but my J is keep spoiling me & said that when we are  done enshalah  he will hire  a cleaning company to do that : ) I am a lazy housewife and I will not deny that ,  I like it ;) 

So I will keep posting enshalah , updating my readers  and answering their questions :) Stay tuned 


Yahalooo said...

I also don't understand why people would follow you around and hate you. My guess is that they are jealous so don't let them put you down. My only advise is take the chance to attend the events and socialise as much as you want because once (be'ethen allah) you have a little one (that will fill your life with joy and happiness) moving around becomes a little harder. (not that I complaining, it's just a fact of life and I love moving around 'heavily' with my little Banoota)
Good luck with the moving and redesigning - you can get lots of ideas from youtube.

Zee said...

I totally agree.
People talk trash about bloggers,I know this from personal experience.
So i just choose to do what I love, because they "hate" because of it.
Blogging is about my opinion,if I need anyone else's I will ask and give credit.
People think we have no lives because they see us here and there..umm hello, we have jobs, we have families but we are superwomen like that-we can handle it all.They must just deal with it.