Sunday, April 14, 2013

Habba Alert in K-town : Fashion Stylists

I have been wondering for a long time , observing the situation around me in Kuwait . 

Do you remember those days , when all the girls started to bake cupcakes ? Then all of them  started to order goods online , then everyone became  pro- chefs ? …… The list will go on like forever  . 

I noticed these days that lots of girls & guys keep calling themselves “stylists”  .  I know  that few of them received training courses In UK Or USA  . 

I am wondering  , what it takes to be a stylist ?  Is it the degree ? The courses ? The experience ? Or the good taste ? I don`t know how it works here in Kuwait . 

Personally , if I am a client & looking for a personal stylist  , I don`t care about the courses or the experience if he/she looks creepy or weird & keeps convincing  me that this is fashion . 

I will go for the one with the good taste & pleasant looking  , moreover ,   I believe a good stylist  must also be a people  person , friendly & knows how to talk . 

I meet one of the stylists once in an event , she didn't even bother herself to smile to people !! 

So what do u think ? is it a trend ? “Habba” ?? 

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LaLi Fashion Stylist said...

Hey NewQ8Bride,i was wondering the same thing and my theory is it might currently be a "habba" for now, however you can pick out the differences between a professional fashion stylist from the people who are doing it for fun. So in the long run the true stylist will stay while the rest will fade out eventually...