Monday, April 08, 2013

Am I socially awkward ?

I don't know how to put across and  give an explanation of the issue that I am going to talk about , but I will try my best .

I noticed lately , that I can't get along with people like the way I do before , I don't know why , I wasn't like that years ago  , I used to be a social butterfly , I loved meeting new people & hang out with them  , currently , I feel that I just can't :/

I set barriers & boundaries  between me and others , I feel that I don't want to get involved with others  , I imagined myself standing in a circle & no one is allowed to enter it and I don`t  want to exit .

Why is that ?  walah I wish I could change and return back to my old personality , to socialize with others

 I had to admit that during the last year I was shocked by some wearied behaviors from some people , and this may have something with what is happening to me right now .

I don`t have the right to blame others , I know it is me & I have to work hard to
To be me again  .

 I hope  this is just a phase

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