Monday, April 01, 2013

2 Paths ? Choose yours not others

You know this situation when you have to choose between 2 things ?? I am not talking about serious cases here , I am talking about daily stuff .

Few years ago , I used to think more about others , more than my life , more than J  . For example , I used to cancel dates with J for the sake of friends , family gatherings , or work .

Then I learned my lesson , most of them if they got married they will not put me in the first place , if they have appointment or invited to events ,  it is fine  to cancel with me & do whatever they are doing .

It is their right , so I changed , I feel more satisfied now , I love my blog , it is my hobby , and I am enjoying it  , so I am not cancelling any invitations or events ,  I am not selfish , but I am choosing my path :)

hmmmm I am getting older right ?

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