Sunday, March 03, 2013

Nothing is like peace . Peace of mind , peace of soul .
I never thought that one day someone will think of me & my blog as a fake perfect life I created for my self !!! I never mentioned that ? I was so clear & honest about everything , I mentioned , my bad days as well as the good days ! I talked about my real feelings during the days that I was trying to get pregnant , my tears and the fights between me and j , is that a perfect life ? No one is perfect and I can't act in a play .
I can't do that , I was born as a free woman so I will never put myself in a jail of fake life
That's me , that's my life , don't read or follow me if u hate it & please don't creat a fake world and make me live in it according to your imagination
Happy with the ups and downs if my life . Happy to be me . Thanks God
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Dementia On Wheat said...

Allah iyhaneech and dont care about what idiots say , it never really matters :)

D said...

I've always admired how much honesty you have in your posts. It shows great courage and confidence. Keep it up :)