Sunday, March 24, 2013

I lost 9 kg , normal BMI but I still feel Fat :L

I am really confused , after I lost all that weight ,I feel that I don`t know how to dress up !! , my closets are full , but I feel that i don`t have anything to wear !

I need to change my style . I don`t have any self confidant , I know that my body changed , a lot , but still i feel fat !!

I don`t know what to do


F said...

Now you're just being an annoying snob.

Mr.Jovita said...

lady, we need to talk!

u can chat up with me on instagram :)

Amar said...

feeling fat or not loving what you are from the outside is a problem that faces most women. in this case, the loss of weight happened to fix what is physical (your body) now you need to work on your satisfaction from the inside out. think of it as if you are healing your soul from the diets, deprivation, and the feeling of being imperfect. appreciate your beauty within and feed the hungry soul :) you are a very positive person who is full of life so use this to modify how you think and feel about your body. love yourself so you can love life more and more.