Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Life After Marriage : I don`t want That Drama

I am  trying to avoid any subjects that may cause rows between me & j , it is not that I don`t want to to talk with him , but stressful conversations make me feel really bad , sometimes I can`t sleep  , I feel pain in my stomach & I can`t leave the house if we just had a fight .

Why I am talking about this topic now ?? 

enshalah we will start designing  our house soon & everybody keeps telling us that there will be a huge domestic drama , no matter how mature you are .

Yet , I am trying to stay calm , trying my best not to get into details , I know this is  my house , I have my own personal style in my cloths & my house comes in the second place as  the most style statement I have to  make    .

But as I mentioned , I don`t want to get into an argument with J , I love him & don’t want to fight with him for that !! He thinks that I am careless , but walalh I am not .

The main reason is that I LoVE you J

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