Saturday, February 16, 2013

Nothing is like looking good

& looking good for me means " Great Body" .

Thanks God , last night I attended my 1st party after loosing all these extra pounds . I said that before , I used to be skinny my whole life , then I started gaining weight after I got married and after going through treatments trying to get pregnant .

I have to be honest too , I eat and I never workout & I wasn't happy , I just noticed that I can't be satisfied and happy if I am not in a good shape , yes it's a slow changing but there is a result .

Thanks God , yes the Look is important for me , sorry guys , call me shallow but it is important .

Everyone were giving me compliments which made me flyyyyyyyyyyyyy he heheheh el7mdelah el7amdelah

The glow look in J's eyes when he is looking at me , proud of his achivement makes me feel that I am the most beautiful woman around the world . This can make me smile all day el7amdelah

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