Monday, January 28, 2013

The feeling of Guilt :(

I don’t know how to explain or deal with this,  but the feeling of guilt is ruining my day. I don’t know if that thing is good or not, but I can’t stop feeling guilty.

Mashalah  I’ve been really busy with my blog, I like that, as you know still I don`t have kids which mean no responsibilities. JJ & my parents are supporting me and they keep encouraging me to go on and enjoy my time.

So why do I feel that way? I keep blaming myself & have that feeling that I should stay at home, although I have nothing to do!  Moreover J was not going to be there at that time! He gets mad every time I started to talk about that issue.

Also I have that feeling of guilt while attending an event!!!And start to tell myself that I should be with Mom , she is so busy too and never complain about it , but why I keep feeling guilty & sad : (

I know it is me

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Anonymous said...

you should enjoy your life while you could, once the baby comes you will have a lot of responsibilities and your life wont be they same.. sure you can go out and have fun but it's not going to be the same with a baby in your life =)
you have absolutely no reason to feel guilty!