Thursday, January 17, 2013

MUJI @theavenues

امس كنت معزومة في جولة خاصة للبلوقرز في اول محل من محلات 
في الشرق الأوسط ، في مجمع الأفنيوز بالقراند افنيو 

انا ما صارت لي فرصة اني ادخل المحل بلندن و امس تعرفت على المنتجات و شنو اهو الستور 

وايد وايد وايد راح يعجبنا احنا البنات ، المنتجات اليابانية معروفة انها تكون دايما عملية و مفيدة و كل شي تحتاجونه راح تلقونه هناك و اهم شي صناديق التخزين و الترتيب  وايد احبهم 

المحل كبير من دورين و فيه وايد منتجات من ملابس قطنية اورغانيك ، ادوات مكتبية،مستلزمات السفر و اثاث و اوات مطبخ و سوالف البشرة و فرش الميك اب 

الإفتتاح انشالله راح يكون بوم السبت الساعة 5 

راح يكون 

من المحلات المفضلة عندي 
اخليكم مع الصور 

I had the chance yesterday to visit MUJI Store in Grand Avenue in an exclusive bloggers tour, the store will be opened enshalah this Saturday at 5 P.M . 

I didn`t visit the Muji store in London so this is my first time to take a look and know MUJI . 

“What is MUJI? 

Established in Japan in 1980, MUJI, the world-famous Japanese retailer, was built on the idea of completely eliminating wastefulness and providing quality products for everyday life. Derived from its Japanese name, ’MUJIrushi Ryohin’, which means ‘no label quality goods’, the brand will be offering its Kuwaiti customers a notion of simplicity and a sense of calm into their everyday life by its design simplicity and eco-friendly minimal packaging in a range of over 3,000 products. “

MUJI store located in The Avenues Mall , is the 1st in the Middle East . 

MUJI’s product ranges include innovative, simple and appealing items.
Fashion - MUJI fashion represents classic design, quality natural fabrics and good value. From lightweight linens to casual knitwear, you will find those all-important essentials that last from season to season. For instance, the MUJI Multicape has become a classic in Japan and is an ideal addition to your wardrobe. 

Furniture - At the heart of MUJI furniture design is the concept of “Chodo-Yoi”, the notion of seeking the ‘just right balance’ between quality and price. With this in mind, MUJI designs furniture that neutralizes, rather than clutters, your living space.

Kitchenware- From cookware to tableware each item in the MUJI range has a classic and exclusive feel, but is actually affordable and durable enough to use every day. Among the most popular items at MUJI are the giant ice-cube moulds, and a jug specifically designed to fit neatly inside your fridge.

Storage solutions- the MUJI store at The Avenues offers a great range of solutions to maximize your space, and minimize your clutter and that can be utilized for practically anything. Many of the storage products are also semi-transparent, meaning you can identify your belongings quickly.

Health & Beauty - The Health & Beauty range at Muji includes everything you need to pamper yourself. From bath and shower products, make-up brushes, aromatherapy and home fragrance products. Muji also offers a range of towels made from natural fibres, as well as slippers, bathrobes and other bathroom accessories.

 حلو المنظر مع ابراج الكويت 

Mr.Masato Arai , Business Director of MUJI

 Loved it :) 

this is  useful 

This is an amazing  CD player , visit the store to know more 

 بكل محلات 
أحجام السراير كلها 
Single & Queen 

الا بالكويت 


مادري شنو القصد هههههه يمكن عشان احنا شعب متين ؟؟؟ 

هذا المعطر حلو لا شموع و لا عوار راس  بالكهربا و تحطون العطر اللي تبونه 

ممكن تطبعون اللي تبونه على الجنطة 

The catering from 

Thank you so much Alshaya for the tour :) 

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rencontrer Pauline said...

aaah I miss going muji in Hongkong, it was really useful and amazing to buy from... it's good for teachers , meta yba6loon officially? thanks for sharing