Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Good Morning 2013

Good morning

Starting the year with a great breakfast at Prime and toast . El7amdelah I feel so excited and happy , I have some goals and I already started to work on them .

Enshalah yarab I will never let any negative thoughts to intrude into my life . happiness is all what I am thinking of & self confident .

Getting close to God helped me a lot , good things keep coming because I believe God's plans are always the best .

I noticed something , through instagram & twitter , everybody was Looking forward for 2013 , I don't know why but I guess 2012 was kind of a complicated year .

Enshalah yarab 2013 will be a year of blessings all around the world

To change your life , start changing yourself from the inside . I am working on that .

I want to get back to writing , cuz my English started to fade away , I'll keep practicing that in my blog , I will write more posts enshalah

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Anonymous said...

enshalla alla yarzegech eb baby in year 2013 :)