Thursday, January 10, 2013

A life after marriage post : Guys , do u dress up ?

Men love shopping , most of them do . If they were encouraged to do it , they will do it professionally . I don't know why the society pictures Arabian men or Khaliji men in particular that they don't care about their appearances , or in another way , they teach boys that dressing
up or having a style is something shouldn't be done by them .
Thanks God this idea started to change . I saw lots of guys shopping all the time . A man doesn't need to stay on top of every latest trend , however he should think about his daily appearance . Men , specially married men ask their women to be well dressed most of time , even our grandmothers and mothers keep telling us since we were young that a woman should take care if herself and dress properly
. What about us ? We need that from them 2 ! Don't deny it girls we love good looking men , why don't we have the right to fall in love with one of them ?
This is for you guys , dressing well matter , it will increase your confidence and u will feel it walah , the colors u are wearing will speak of u and show your personality . Kuwaiti women always complain that kuwaiti men never noticed or care if their wives wear a new dress or even a new hair color, but if a man started to be a dresser , he will noticed details in others , and this is what all of u ladies is looking for .
So , guys be free & don't be ashamed , there is nothing wrong of you are interested in style and dressing up & if u like shopping , your wife will feel that she is the luckiest woman on earth :D
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