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@PLTQ8 Outdoor Anniversary Festival , , a Magical event Part 1

December marked the biggest Pretty Little Things show to date – and a one-year anniversary. It was celebrated with an Outdoor Festival at Salhiya Mall Plaza, complete with fairy lights and over 20 brands from the region. The first Pretty Little Things house at the orphanage, funds for which were collected at the May PLT show, is already under construction, and for the December show, the aim was to gather enough to build another. To accomplish that, the same wish list will be shown in cooperation with Abyat along with the art installation. The brands in the show hailed from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Lebanon.

ديسمبر ، اهو الشهر اللي كمل في 
Pretty little Things  
سنة كاملة 
هذا المشروع بإدارة المبدعة نوف حسين و اللي هدفها الأساسي بناء بيت من بيوت دار الأيتام بالكويت  عن طريق المعارض المميزة 
اللي ما يشارك فيها الا المميزين و المبدعين من الكويت و الخليج 

الإحتفال كان بالصالحية ، عند النافورة الخارجية ، و مع جونا الشتوي العجيب كان الوضع مثل الحلم ،الإضاءات و روح المشاركين العشرين من مختلف دول الخليج و لبنان حسسني انه هالإحتفال من انجح المعارض اللي مرت علي 

صار لي فترة ما احب اكتب عن المعارض لأنها صارت شي مكرر و للأسف مستوى المشاركين و المعروضات ما يسمح لي انه اطلعه او اكتب عنه حق الناس اللي يقرون لي 

لكن معارض 
Pretty little Things 
دايما مختلفة 

تابعو الأكاونت بانستغرام و تويتر و فيسبوك عشان تعرفون آخر التفاصيل 
Everyone can follow PLT on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to check out previews of what's to come to keep up-to-date with PLT activities.

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Now , let me give you a preview about the event 

enjoy  :) 

It was a magical atmosphere 

"Things by November is Kuwait’s premier gift and floral boutique, catering to all kinds of events and occasions. At Things, we welcome our clients and try to make them as comfortable as possible in our unique and lovely space.

Enjoy the gorgeous smells, brilliant colors and happy tunes while you get inspired by our “Things”, ranging from contemporary chic to Boheme and classic. With a multitude of accessories that are hand-picked from art and design shows all over the world, we offer vases, home accessories, scented sachets, candles, gift and novelty items as gifts; to others, for yourself or for your events.

We also have a great selection of party supplies, including paper plates, napkins and various decorative setting accessories."

كلكم تعرفونه  افضل بوتيك للزهور و الحلويات و تصميم الأعراس 
اكسسوارات البيت و الهدايا 

مكانهم في مجمع التلال 

For more info 
Things by November 
twitter: @novembertweets
instagram: @novemberstweets

Wick Original Candles

 founded by Altaf Al Awadi, is a line of handmade soy candles decorated with embroidery fabrics. What began as a charitable endeavor in September of this year, turned into a passion-fueled business.
شموع صناعة يديوية  من تصميم ألطاف العوضي 

شريت منهم هدية حق رفيجتي وايد حلوين 

الدانتيل يشوقون 

for more info 

twitter: @wickcandles
instagram: @wickcandles

Lina Jewelry Design 
حبيت العرض اينن 

From Passion to Reality- 
Graduated from GIA Los Angeles as a gemologist and jewelry designer.
 The dream of having her line was always there. It just needed the right incentive, the right moment. Art is like love, it gets better with time.
This Collection is all handmade and gold plated. Inspired from daily life. From the beauty around us. From the beauty within. I translate the ideas into unique and original pieces. 
Each piece has a story, made to a purpose with passion and love.
This is half the story. My passion is to take old jewelry and redesign them into fashionable, trendy jewels. Or better yet, custom made based on the mood and personality of the person.

Handmade crochet gold plated, Lina Jewelry Design
Tel: 99710091, facebook : Lina Jewelry Design.

مجوهرات بتصاميم عربية حديثة 
"We have resurrected our rich & exciting heritage into beautiful jewelry. Since the launch of Loomer in 2005, we have been handcrafting bold and dramatic pieces inspired by Arabian art, geometric shapes, and the region's legacy pieces. Our use of colors, textures, and stones is simple, yet elegant, making our pieces standout like a shining star among other's designs. With Loomer jewelry , you can be confident you are receiving quality handcrafted pieces that you will adore. What's the icing on the cake ? your friends will fall in love with your new Loomer jewelry!!"

for more info 

Zafaf Magazine 
مجلة زفاف 

Instagram: @zafafmagazine


مجلة خليجسك 
غنية عن التعريف 

"Khaleejesque is a thriving lifestyle and culture magazine that revolves around everything new, exciting and beautiful in the Arabian Gulf countries when it comes to the continuously evolving cultural scene."

For more info 

منيرة الشرهان ، مصممة اكسسوارات اهيا تسويهم يدها ، شريت منها خاتم من سنة تقريبا لما عرضت فبيت السدو 
و لا يمكن اشيله من ايدي  اينن 
For More Info 


"Before getting into the fashion business, founder Amal Khourshid double majored in finance and economics. However, since her childhood, fashion swept her mind away. While still working in investments, she decided one day to design and create her idea of the perfect python clutch. And the story began.

After the great success and attention the clutch received, and after realizing her bag obsession, Amal got inspired to share her dream and thus AILA was born.

Feminine, glamorous and sophisticated, these are all qualities innate of the AILA woman".

هالجناط معروفين من تصميم 
امل خورشيد 
تصاميم غريبة و حديثة و حدها ستايل 

TWITTER: @amal_aila,
INSTAGRAM:  aila_bags

مي القصار
ابداع في تصاميمها ، تحاول ابراز الأحرف العربية بمجوهرات نازكة و راقية
ابتسامتها و تعاملها الراقي  يخليكم انكم لازم تشترون منها

"May has a visual admiration for beautifully designed objects. Her
interests are in prints, paintings and photography. She first started
designing jewelry in 2007. At first there were a few pieces custom
designed for family and friends. And now her beautifully designed
pieces can be enjoyed by every one. May Al Qassar has a BFA in
Communication Design from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York."

“The jewelry so far is all custom-made. I design jewelry that is personal to me in the sense of the simplicity and the feeling you get from wearing it. My goal from
this business is to express my passion to jewelry design and make people happy with their purchase.

“May Jewelry is very personal to me. Every piece I design I develop a relationship with, which makes me fall in love with that piece. I love all the jewelry that I produced, therefore every piece I have sold has a little bit of me in it.

“May Jewelry is trying to be "green". I try my best to use recycled-materials for my packaging. Even with extra excess of gold I have left, I use it for my next design.

“May Jewelry is still a baby business that is nourishing slowly. I established my business in September 2010 with a limited customer base and Marketing tool. For my first collection, I combine my admiration for Arabic letters with my passion for gold in my signature Arabic calligraphy inspired double ring.

“In my eyes, the simpler the jewelry design the more personal it
becomes. Because beauty does not lay in the piece itself but gains it
from the person it adorns. And the more one wears it the more
beautiful it becomes." - May Al Qassar"

For More Info 
twitter: @mayjewelry
Instagram: @mayjewelry
Facebook: May Jewelry
phone: +965 97711205

"Annada brings together art, fashion, and romance all in one medium of unique scarves designed by renowned Middle Eastern artist. Annada is a luxury brand that its products are limited edition time pieces of art. Each artistic scarf recites its own beautiful storyline dictated by its artistic author.

Fall in love with the stories, the paintings, or simply the elegant art. Each scarf holds the original artist's personal insignia reassuring the concept of wearable art, in its numerous forms; on your shoulders, waists, or countless wearable methods available with every scarf

All our scarves are produced with the finest silks and the designs are chosen carefully to meet everyone needs and desires."

من البحرين ايينا الإبداع
و الفن و الرومناسية

فكرة وايد راقية  ، سكارفات من رسم فنانين

مريت عند طاولتها و القاها مشغلة اغنية انت عمري
مع الأجواء الحلوة و الإضاءة
سألتها عن السر و ليش انت عمري ؟؟

هذا السكارف اسمه انت عمري :) 


Order Hotline: +973 3337 4004
follow us on Twitter and Instagram
Youtube Channel :

IVY Twist 

" Being a passionate and avid fashion lover myself, I decided to share with the world my personal perspective on fashion. For that I have specialized in an item that takes a piece of every woman's heart: The Handbag!.  IVY's mission and main focus is to offer a truly unique product in terms of original designs and fabrics from vintage cloth to the most exquisite leathers, snake skin and distinguished by outstanding craftsmanship. Today IVY is sharing her own mix and match style, love for uniqueness and luxurious creativity, with every fashionable lady seeking classy and fashionable handbag.  IVY Handbags : Fun, quirky, trendy and affordable. IVY is all of that and much more: IVY is you !"

اللي شاف اكاونتي بانستغرام راح يشوف الجنطة اللي شريتها منهم 
مشالله تصاميم حلوة و كواليتي 
الصراحة وايد ستايل 

Instagram: IVYTwist 

"Simplicity, elegance and classiness all together create a unique pice of fine jewelry. Arwa Jewelry is the final touch on your own style

A label based in Saudi Arabia, this is the first time Arwa Jewellery is to participate in an event in Kuwait and will be showing items from their three collections

Ornamentations collection 2011 : Unique classy pieces of 18K yellow gold. Each piece has its own ornament adorned with diamonds and gemstones

Nabat collection 2012 : A small collection of unique necklaces and earrings in 18K yellow gold with diamonds and gemstones

Delight collection : Their latest collection of simple and elegant everyday jewelry in 18K yellow gold with delightful colored gemstones"

مصمة سعودية مبدعة مشالله تصاميمها بالنسبة لي تنافس 
الماراكات العالمية بالمجوهرات 

For More info 

twitter : @ArwaJewelleryv 
Instagram: ArwaJewellery


"HARAKA believes in giving back so we have a few charitable projects. Currently we have a Movember collaboration with a lovely Kuwaiti guy (@AliChaaban) who we're sponsoring to grow out his 'Stache for us this month, and all proceeds from generated likes go to fight Prostate Cancer. We also have a watch called the Team M watch, dedicated to a dear friend of mine, Mneera, who's bravely battling breast cancer at such a young age, and all net proceeds from that watch go towards the early detection of breast cancer (all year round)."


منى يتيم 
 شاركت في الحملة العالمية لشهر نوفمبر للتوعية بمرض سرطان البروستات عن طريق علامة الشارب  

هذي الساعة كانت لصديقتها منيرة و اللي واجهت مرض سرطان الثدي و اهيا بعمر صغير 

For more Info 
| (+973) 32221344 
| Instagram & Twitter: @myharaka

مشالله الإبداعات وايد و انشالله الجزء الثاني راح يكون في تفاصيل ثانية و متنوعة 

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