Monday, December 24, 2012

How to wear your Striped Shirt from Oasis ?

This season , hunting for the perfect striped T-shirt was my mission , Don`t ask me why but I felt in love with it suddenly 

So if you are looking for one 

you can fined a T-shirt in 


I will give you some suggestion  , you may like it and you may not , and if you have another ideas  please let me know 

Look 1 

 Rebecca Taylor shorts + Blazer from oasis 

If you are wearing Hejab , a floral pant will be perfect 

pair it with 

a biker boots 

Look 2

I Am so in to Camouflage this season , so wear your striped T-shirt with your Camouflage blazer , maroon pant and you are ready to   go :) 

what do u think ?? 

if you like that T-shirt , it is available at all Oasis stores in Kuwait 

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