Sunday, December 23, 2012

Do you celebrate ?

I don`t know how we decided on that but we don`t celebrate New year`s Eve!! I don`t know why , maybe if we were traveling we may attend
a party . or whatever festival .

at least we should travel to Dubai . The good issue  that i don`t even care ?? it is not like the feeling of celebrating my Birthday or Anniversary. Yeh i will be mad
if he forgets to make plans for my birthday .

but New Year ???? Still i don`t have any explanation why we are not thinking about it ??? or Why I don`t Care

so tell me , do you feel celebrating New Year is a Must ?? for couples at least ? or Not

let me Know


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Anonymous said...

it is one of the occasions u share joy & celebration with the world, an 'international' reason to have fun ... i love celebrating new year & each year i make sure not to miss this day without having the ultimate fun .... try it ;)