Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Looking for a new Chocolatier ? Servant-Paris now in Kuwait

Organized by the lovely blogger  Nayfashion.com , I was invited to the opening of Servant Chocolatier

"Servant Chocolatier offers savory and delicious chocolates; the chocolate-makers assure the creativity of the chocolates bonbons to create edible jewels. Each one of the chocolate-maker’s recipes is personalized, and reworked over and over again until they have obtained a unique product in terms of color, sheen, texture, preserving and taste. The artisan chocolate-maker must select the best quality ingredients in order to perpetuate this culinary art and to improve on it, subsequently offering incomparable flavors. Because chocolate is a fragile product, the chocolate-maker must also manage the storage time to maintain optimal aromas".

تم افتتاح 
Servant Chocolatier 
للشكولاته  في برج التجارية بتنظيم البلوقر المميزة 

انواع الشوكلاته اللي يقدمونها  مميزة و بوصفات خاصة للحصول على قطع من الشوكلاته الفاخرة اللي ترضي ذوق المجتمع الكويتي 
و احنا معروفين انه نحب الشي اليديد و المميز و مشالله  الكاكاو اللي عندهم لذيذ و مميز 

لازم تزورونهم في برج 
التجارية  -شارع السور 
Servant Chocolatier's Location: Al-Tijariya tower, al-Soor street, basement.
Contact number: 22968130 - 97923809
و هذا موقعهم 

و هذا اكاونتهم بانستغرام 
Servant Chocolatier's instagram account: @Servantparis

 instagram/twitter account: @bloggingnay

The event was sponsored by:

زهور بلوسومس
1- Blossoms Flower: a flower arrangements shop, that offers events, weddings, and any special occasions planning. 
Locataion: Slamiya, Salem Al-Mubarak street, Tala Center 
Tel: 25715434, 55715434
Instagram account: @blossomsflowersq8

2- Mobrad Nail Spa: a Kuwaiti project owned by young Kuwaiti girls, that offers a luxurious nail treatments.
Location: Tijariya Tower, Soor Street, Basement.
Tel: 22968068
Website: www.mobrad.com
Twitter Account: @Mobrad_kw

خوخ و مشمش للعصائر 
3- Khookh o MeshMesh: a juice shop, with over 9 brunches available in Kuwait that offers an amazing variety of drinks freshly made for you!
tel: 25731669 - 25731662 - 99423068

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