Friday, November 16, 2012

I am not sleeping yet , so I felt that I need to post a random post , nothing in particular . I Don't remember that last time I wrote such a post .

Happy el7amdelah with my progress , enshalah I will keep working out and dieting , at least the idea of doing the sleeve operation is out of my mind el7mdelah .

I feel stronger these days , with more self confidence , Proud that J is happy because I changed and I started to like sport , kind of :p I used to get annoyed that he keeps stressing me regarding my weight issue , but I now I understand , he feels comfortable with me that he became honest , at least I know what he is thinking of .

I am invited to a wedding tomorrow , I don't feel like going but I have too , cuz I am going with mom . I had that decision , my style in weddings will be simple and elegant , no more complicated updos , no fancy dresses , I don't need to spend hundreds on a gown that am not going to wear a lot . I Rather keep the money for something else .

So ill try to sleep . Good night

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