Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Weekend , Wife or Girlfriend

Hubby is going to attend Atelier Live Dance Festival in Dubai this weekend enshalah ,  some people called me crazy that i let him go to such a party with his friends ,I believe that Getting married is not the end of your single crazy fun life , of course trust must be between us . I feel comfortable with that , we are both adults and we care about each other so enshalah nothing wrong will happen . Both of us are open minded , he is giving me my freedom so why don`t I ? 

Anyway i decided not to talk about that issue cuz people around me will never understand . I prefer he tells  me that he is going to that concert rather than going behind my back . yes most Kuwaiti guys are doing that . 

The only thing that bothered me , we were talking last night while i was packing his luggage , i asked him enshalah if lady gaga comes to Dubai enshalah you will take me to the concert , he said No !! I can`t let people talk about us , and how i take my Wife to such a place !! so if i was a Girlfriend it will be fine ?? just because i am your wife you feel ashamed ?? why do you think about what people said ?? mn meta you care ?? 

I didn`t want him to get mad or akhareb 3aleeh he is mestanes 7adda 

I hate that idea , that the girlfriend gets all the fun , and because i am wife ! ma y9eer yro7 ma3ay ?? why not ?? 

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