Thursday, October 11, 2012

Revlon & Breast Cancer

My friend was talking about a movie she watched yesterday about the cure of breast cancer and how they worked hard to find it to save the lives of women , I blame my self that I didn`t know that Revlon supported the researches when the funds stopped

"The UCLA Breast Center was first established in 1992 under the directorship of Dr. Susan Love. In 1996, the Breast Center was renamed as the Revlon/ UCLA Breast Center after receiving a generous and visionary gift from the Revlon Foundation to further the development of the Breast Center. Dr. Helena Chang was recruited in 1997 to lead the program development of multidisciplinary patient care in breast cancer"

Here is the link to the center 

 After i learned about that fact , I promised my self the Revlon will be my no 1 Company , to buy the products I need
اليوم كنت وحده من صديقاتي سولفت لي عن فلم كان معروض امس 
و الفلم قصته انه شلون اكتشفوا علاج لمرض سرطان الثدي 
قالت معلومة و انا الصراحة استحيت لأني شلون ما عرفتها من قبل 
انه بعد ما وقفوا الفلوس عن الأبحاث 

تبرعت بمبلغ وايد كبير على اساسه تم انشاء مركز خاص للأبحاث و اسمه 
Revlon/ UCLA Breast Center

و لليوم الشركة تقوم بجمع تبرعات  لصالح هذه الأبحاث 

و سووا لهم موقع خاص اسمه 
Revlon Cares 

بعد ما عرفت هالمعلومة قررت انه اول ماركة اروح لها عشان اشتري منها راح تكون 


"The best part of being part of Revlon is all that they have done for breast cancer awareness and research". 


To know more about RevlonCares 
please check the website 

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