Sunday, September 02, 2012

random post

I don`t know what is wrong with me , I can`t control my feeling or the words coming out of  my mouth , I am honest , i can`t hide what i am thinking of , if the issue related to us , Me and J , i can`t remain silent and i have to tell him what really going on in my mind  .

when my brother-in-law left the house with his wife , I feel  that J became more sensitive , i know that`s all because his mom felt really sad after her son moving out  and J feels responsible to make her feel happy and comfortable .

I am so proud of him , because if he is taking a good care of his mom , that indicates that he is going to take care of me . The problem is that he started to be  so sensitive , when i talk with him about any thing related to our place , he feels that i may became just like his brother`s wife or  i am against his mom :( all what i need is to start a conversation with out him became angry , i respect everything ,but  i have rights 2 .

i don`t know what i am posting , but i need to talk , i really need to talk


Umkhaloodie said...

They are all the same ..... Just count to ten and breathe.

Umkhaloodie said...

They are like little 14 year old boys going through puberty. Just count To 10 and ignore....