Monday, September 03, 2012

Lunch @The_Avenues

Today i arrived late at work (as usual ) i was dressing up because i am going to meet my  friends for Lunch in WoknRoll , The avenues branch , I am so in love with that restaurant already  ,  here is my post about my first visit there Link

This time i am thinking of trying new dishes , something that i never tried before , and yeh as a change to my diet system , i am adding soup to all my meals , i lost some kilos in Ramdhan and i guess drinking soup at the beginning of the meal had something to do with that .I promised myself to not complian and nag about me trying to lose weight :P and to be honest , i feel good ;)

so lets wait for time to pass by , and head to the avenues :)


ali said...

what happened to you ? seriously ? i mean u used to be different than them , u used to have your own identity , now you're just following what every other blogger is doing . asking to be invited to events ( remember when you used to say it didn't matter wether you were invited or not? ) , tagging restaurants in your posts & tweets for more attention ,seriously ( you call it review i call begging ) ???

i guess temptation was too strong to resist .

NewQ8 Bride said...

Hi Ali , I am not invited !! I went to the resturant with hubby before and we liked it , what's wrong if I post about it !! I've been doing that since the day I start blogging and trust me , without any invitations, and what's wrong with that ? Most of my friends and family members started to read my blog and the keep asking me about my opinion ? I stopped posting personal issues because I am not anonymous anymore and yes I don't like it that way , but I am not going to quit blogging for that reason , I am enjoying my blog,as u see people stopped commenting but am still there

Ali said...

When I wrote that I comment I didnt mean that Resturant in particular I meant in general considering ur older posts . One look at ur old posts could tell us alot of how u've changed .. Like I said u used to blog just for fun now it has become more like a job .. Look at the banners on the side of ur blog .. Arent those ad banners ? I think u saw everybody getting a piece of thr cake and by that I mean the social media frenzy in Kuwait lately And u wanted some too . Don't tell me family & relatives read ur blog And u cant post about personal stuff , nobody want that but at least stick to what u did best before and stop trying to imitate other bloggers . U used to have ur own unique personality but unfortunately not Anymore.

NewQ8 Bride said...

Thank you so much for your comment Ali , I am who I am and I am and I am enjoying what I am doing .

ali said...

yeah your are what you are .. am sorry to say this but a hypocrite that's what you are .