Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lucky to meet Preston Bailey , Thanks to Le Notre @MMCKuwait

Invited by MMC Catering Group , I had the chance to attend the Preston Bailey privet event  at Le Notre , in collaboration with November  Company , I had the chance to talk to him :) he is amazing . He will give a speech at the  Celebrate Expo Gala   .

The event at Le Notre showed the high standards of  food caterings in Kuwait  , everything was amazing , the pink atmosphere was breathtaking arranged by The November . The Vases and the trays were by Pieces By Farah follow them here


وصلتني دعوة من 
MMC Catering Group 
لحفل العشا على شرف منسق الحفلات العالمي المشهور 
بريستون بايلي 

الحفل كان في لونوتر و مثل ما تعرفون لونوتر دايما متميزين في تنسيق الحفلات و التقديم 

مشالله من دخلت كل شي كان خيالي التنظيم  و تنسيق الحفل كان من 
و المزهريات و صواني التقديم المميزة من 


Preston Bailey

 بوفيه الموالح 

 تجهيز الماكرون 
 the tray by 


Rose Water Sahlab 

Ice Cream 

 Rose Water Ice Cream 
الشيف زياد 

To know more about MMC Catering Group , follow them on twitter : 


Ali said...

lol ... so all of the sudden everybody bloggers in Kuwait know who Preston Bailey is and they're very happy to have finally met him , hypocrites ! الله يرحم أيام بيتزا قيصر و محيسن بس

Anonymous said...


Ali said...

why werent you invited to the Gala night at Missoni Hotel with Preston Bailey ? :)

NewQ8 Bride said...

Ali : Laa 7asfaa i wayed 3nde looyah that`s why ma 7ajzt , but i may go to the expo