Thursday, September 20, 2012

Le Relain de Entrecote :(

Yesterday , i went with JJ to "Le Relain de Entrecote" at Alhamra tower , It is my first time to try their stakes , i have never been to Alfanar branch or Albde3 ,I don`t know why but that restaurant was never in my list .

So , we thought , lets give it a try. We are steaks lovers and  love restaurants such as  Terrace Grill Steakhouse ,The Gaucho Grill , The Butcher Shop & Grill  and more steak houses  .

No words can describe my experience , i hated everything , the steaks smells fishy , the sauce was awful .

People my have another opinions ,   because I noticed  groups of guys and girls were enjoying their food .

 We are removing it from our list , sorry


ali said...

why no free invitation , is it because u had to pay for your dish ?
the restaurant has been there for a very long time and i have never heard anybody complain about their steaks or sauce ..

because u didnt like the food u didnt mention them in your tweets but when u do like the food in any other restaurant u mention them just to be on their list for invitation, events and free dinner


NewQ8 Bride said...

please , you have to respect me and stop calling me hypocrite , i am respecting you o i keep publishing your comments so please kalmne b e7tram . i didnt like the food that is my opinion .

ali said...