Thursday, September 06, 2012

Are u hiding the facts ?

source : Marrigegems 

I have been asked a lot , how come JJ never say No , if you are going out with friends , travel , do some activities  or spend some "me time" for  a whole day ?

My only answer is "honesty"

Yes , I never lie to him , I am open to him while expressing my opinions and ask for what I want in a straight line  , yes I know that advice we read a lot in relationships books and magazines  , to be mysterious and not to be an open book , but in such situations , you have to be honest and obvious.

A friend  was telling me that she went to Kubbar with her friends by renting a yacht , the girls went there early in the morning and left early so no one will bother them , they enjoyed  their time and came back , nothing wrong with that , I asked her ooh great your husband didn`t mind ? because my background about him that he is not that easy  , so she said  I told him that we are going to chalet and then  I confronted him that we rent a yacht when I was there !!  I liked the idea because I love tanning and swimming, but when I asked who is the driver? I noticed that he was an Indian men , but they told him not watch because some of the girls are wearing Hijabs .

I know how open minded is J , but I will never hide the  truth   , If I am going in such a trip , I will tell him that a man is going to drive , and we are going to Kubbar and I don`t know if  there will be other guys in the sea may notice and watch us .

Another friend , was asking me about the Turbans , so I told her that I am not wearing them cuz JJ  is not convinced that this is a Hijab , I am not denying that I really wanted to wear one , she said : I will wear my regular Hijab over my Turban and when I leave the house I will remove it , it is her life and I am not judging anyone , but because people keep asking me about my secret , here is my secret I am honest and I never hide a thing and something behind JJ`s back , if you are a looking for a healthy marriage , don`t play games against each other , just play together and share your life .

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