Wednesday, September 19, 2012

6 Years of Love

Do you believe that ? 6 years of love , of sharing my life with you , walking together , holding hands , living just like stars , we have  been shining  , everybody noticed that . People keep wondering what are our secrets ? 

Love , trust and believing in each other , you never let me down , you were always there beside me , telling me that I am the best  . I Love you , I can`t stop Loving you , proud of you and i am proud that i am yours . Thank you God for your blessings 

Happy 6th "Iron" Anniversary 

to my amazing Man 


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memoq8 said...

ربي يتمم عليكم و يجمعكم على الطاعة عبادة الرحمن .. و ربي ينكتب لكم كل اللي بخاطركم :*