Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wear Turban or No ?

Lady gaga is wearing one :) and she is stunning !! 
a7es wa7da ra7 ashofha b chocolate bar :P 

A reader asked me , if I am wearing the "Turban " hejab , so I told her I don`t , she wanted me to write a post about  it and that trend should fade away because it is not a real Hijab , and it doesn`t looks good , whatever . 

I apologized , I can`t write such thing , I have to respect girls who are wearing it , and loving that trend , because one day I will be wearing something others will don`t like and I don`t want anyone to judge me or my style . 

The reason I am not wearing that "Turban" , JJ hates it , and I tried to discuss  the issue with him , his point of view that he don`t want my neck to show , and he believes that is not a Hijab , I have to respect him and to be honest , it is not worth it to start an argument  for such a thing , although I keep asking him from time to time that if it is ok to wear it while I am traveling , and covering my neck with a scarf . 

My point is, never judge or mock any trend even if you hate it, people out there are enjoying it and one day you may follow the trend too 

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