Thursday, August 30, 2012

The new duffel bag by Givenchy

 The  Lucrezia
this duffle as part of the Fall 2012 collection and will be available in a variety of colors.

هذي الجنطة اليديدة من 

موجودة حاليا بالويب سايت كجزء من كوليكشن خريف 2012 
حلوة و عملية  و راح تكون موجودة بألوان مختلفة 

انشالله اذا مريت البوتيك راح اقولكم اذا موجودة او لأ 

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Hareford Wesley said...

Is the woman on the photos Amanda Seyfried? Anyhow, the bags are really amazing on these photos. Having neutral colors for bags does have its advantages, that no matter if the woman in the photo had to wear bright colored clothes or most especially black ones, it still fits right in the picture.