Saturday, August 04, 2012

اعيش حالة كسل و خمول مو طبيعية ، ما كنت جذي من قبل ، بس السنة يمكن فترة الصيام شوي طويله ، الحمد الله انشالله كل شي باجره .

I don't know what's wrong but I am not in the mood even to blog , i feel tired all the time and all what I need is to just stay in bed or just watch tv and keep blaming my self for not taking a leave .

Moreover some family issues were happening , my aunt is in the hospital , people we know passed away elhamdullah , we have to go to 3aza , and suffer in the traffic madness .

I don't know , I just needed to express my feelings that's it .

Hubby is spending most of his time at the dewaneya in the night , so maybe I feel bored because of that . Ooh I should go to bed now

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