Monday, July 09, 2012

Ramadhan Gift by "Give"

قبل جم يوم كتبت بوست عن هدية الأمهات برمضان 

صديقتي العزيزة 
Lady B 

دزت ايميل في فكرة هدية وايد حلوة و قلت احطها لكم 

"Give will help you meet your gift giving needs for every occasion by offering services that include but are not limited to:
Special gift wrapping and arrangements
 Design and  personalize your one of a kind gift or gift basket
 Shops on your behalf to find the right gift for your loved ones

We give the utmost time and care to each of our unique gift designs that are truly designed to impress! Remember, it
’s all about the presentation!


                                                                       Give with Love" Tel: 55266666 

                                                                          Instagram: Give_With_Love  


                                                  Give Ramadan products will be displayed at:

     Caramel Bakery

               Bnaid Al Gar, Al Manar Building,
    Right beside MBC overlooking the Gulf Road

*Cash only

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