Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Starbucks beats the summer in style with the new drink

Thanks to Alshaya for inviting me with other bloggers to try their new summer drink " Strawberries & Cream Frappuccino " and to meet Michelle Gass - The President Of Starbucks EMEA to talk to her about what new stuff we love to see in the market .

شكرا لشركة الشايع على الدعوة مع اخواني و خواتي البلوقرز انه نجرب و نستمتع بالمشروب اليديد فرابتشينو الفراولة و الكريم ، و

انه التقينا مع ادارة الشايع و ستاربكس و ولفنا معاهم و طلبنا منهم شغلات ودنا نشوفها بستاربكس الكويت

طبعا حنيت حنه على انه نبي ساندويتشات صحية ، مثلا لأني وايد احب الاكل الصحي ههههه بس صج كلمناهم انه نبي تغيير بلأكل

The event was so much fun , we enjoyed our time with  Starbucks and Alshaya Management team  , they told us about the drink , Strawberries and Cream Frappuccino. A thirst quenching drink bursting with natural fruity flavours, this icy sensation is the perfect refreshment to chill you out on the hottest of summer days
there was that competition , about who could make the best Frappuccino , and all of us won : p they gave me the apron with the new Logo ;)

كان الإيفينت وايد ايونس  و خاصة لما خلونا نجرب شلون نسوي الفرابيتشينو وايد ضحكنا الصراحة

                                                                   Tha winner is ........... ;)

                                                              We want this size :)
                                                                     وايد حبينا هالحجم و قنا لهم انه نبيه ينباع   

                                                                       Thanks for the goodies

                                                       a drink for my sweet JJ .....lazm :P

Thanks again for Alshaya for giving me this opportunity to be part of the event .

So my readers go and beat the summer with dreamy taste of the new drink from Starbucks .

لا تطوفون و مروا ستاربكس و جربوا الفرابيتشينو اليديد راح يعجبكم وايد

And make sure to pass by the photo booth in the avenues next and share your lovely moments with your friends.

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