Monday, June 18, 2012

Ready for some Resort collection and The new Scarf Pant

                                             Resort Collections for your 2013 winter vacation

Lets start with Celine


i am in love with The "Scarf" Pants , what do you think ? i think last season they made the scarf shirt .

عحبني البنطلون اللي جنه سكارف
                                                                       Chris Benz


"anoraks tied around the waists of prim, ladylike ensembles"oh my god !! are we going back to that ?? hehe i loved it by the way

تتوقعون راح نرجع نربط الجاكيتات ؟؟ على الخصر ؟؟ احم احم لو الخصر اللكان قبل 10 سنين موجود ممكن اسويها

ترى حلو


is that a scarf pant ? again ?

بنطلون السكارف للمرة الثانية حده راح نهب فيه



More of the scarf pant

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