Thursday, May 10, 2012

Trying not to Bite .....Support me please

I am a nail biter , at the same time , i like to wear rings , and color my nails :( sometimes i applied plastic nail extensions , but i decided that i should quit biting my nails that's it

all what i need is some support , i really feel like a child talking about that subject

so here are some nails designs that i loved , maybe these photos will motivate me  :P
انا وحده اكل اظافري ، و بنفس الوقت احب البس خواتم و احب احط صبغ

alaah chenah shaklah 7loo ?? i feel it can be called Chanel Nails art maybe



hatha 3ajbnee 

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Anonymous said...

1- Instead of saying "I am trying" say "I will" or "I AM an EX-Nail-biter". You never say "I am trying to close the door" you just go ahead and DO IT!! :D
2- See it as done. Imagine that you have accomplished your goal. FEEL your nails getting longer. Imagine painting them in Chanel manicure ;)
3- Keep your hands busy with a stress ball or a msba7.