Thursday, May 10, 2012

Black Henna

شرايكم ؟؟ ودي اسوي الدوائر اللي على الأصابع من فوق بس ؟؟ 

طبعا انا عاجبني اللي سوته 

بس كلش ما عندي جرأة 

الخواتم احسهم ناعمين  
شرايكم ؟؟ 

What do u think ?? 

i liked the rings -like tattoo , i would love to to try what  
Ascia did but i am not brave enough 

so what do u think ? 

1 comment:

SandyBelle_Q8 said...

wallah mashallah the whole design looks so cool and makes a statement as "Look at my hand"
love it.