Saturday, April 14, 2012

Self Tan ,any recommendations ?

I have a pale white skin , and I hate me .

Thanks God JJ loved tanned skin , but mashalah he is naturally tanned .

Mothers and old ladies love girls with super white ,Casper skin , beauty scaled changed in our days , a tanned girl with a curly hair is the beauty idol for us .

Because I am wearing Hejab and I don't have the to expose to sun daily , I use self tan to bring life to my skin , I like No7 sunless tinted lotion , it is perfect to be used daily , the Spray tan can be used instead of a foundation , and to spray your legs and arms

Girls , any other recommendations ??

Please let me know

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Chirp said...

Roo7ay gossip salon saway spray tan that lasts a week chena