Monday, April 30, 2012

Pretty Little Things Part 2

باجر اهو آخر يوم حق معرض بريتي ليتل ثنقز في بيت السدو لا تطوفونه 

Tomorrow is going to be the last day for Pretty little Things don`t miss it 

Lets continue 

The Yard 

اتوقع كلكم تعرفون موقع "حوش"للتسوق 
عندهم اكسسوارات و اثاث ووايد شغلات ليميتد  تلقونها بموقعهم 

With nostalgia for the past and modernity of the future, The Yard offers a unique shopping experience into the world of design. Specializing in recycled vintage and eclectic pieces from upcoming designers and rooted with a recycling ethic, The Yard gathers beautifully designed pieces from all over and packages them in charming recycled products.

Run by designers, The Yard also produces limited edition pieces, custom stationary, and product branding and packaging.

All products are available online. Orders are delivered within 24 hours, with the choice of payment through Knet or cash on delivery. 

Call: 55963606 / 55962606

Facebook Page: The Yard - Kuwait
Twitter: @TheYardKuwait

Lina Jewelry Design 

Handmade crochet gold plated, Lina Jewelry Design

مجهورات صناعة يدوية مطلية ذهب  على طريقة الكروشيه و ايد غريبة و ممكن تختارون اي تصميم تبونه و تسويه لكم 

"This Collection is all handmade and gold plated. Inspired from daily life. From the beauty around us. From the beauty within."

Tel: 99710091

M by 
Muneera Alsharhan 

Muneera Hamed Alsharhan is an artist who focuses on producing 3D tangible art. She specializes in creating contemporary and art jewelry. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Jewelry and Metalsmithing from Rhode Island School of Design in 2011.

منيرة حمد الشرهان ، فنانة حاصلة على شهادة بكالريوس في تخصص التصميم للمجوهرات و المعادن اكسسوارتها متميزة و تصاميمها وايد ناعمة و مودرن و تناسب جيل البنات ، مشالله تعاملها رائع و تينن ، خذيت منها خاتم وايد ناعم 
تشتغل بنفسها و كل اكسسواراتها من تصميمها و شغل ايدها 
صج منيرة اهيا الصورة المثالية حق المشروع الكويتي المتميز 

Visit her Website 


Fyunka [meaning Bow in Arabic] is a Jeddah based line of Fashion inspired designs with the influence of popular culture and Arabic type. Started in 2011, it's bags, Totes, Notebooks, T-shirts and everything pretty!!

  فيونكة ، فكرة حلوة و فناتق من السعودية
Twitter: @Fyunka
Instagram Fyunka

Baby B 

محل ملابس الأطفال بيبي بي 

Bait Badra
Tel: 2245-1313 / 2245-6161

Al-Salam International Hospital
Tel: 2254-1280

In front of Al-Seef Palace above Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. (Newly opened.) Tel: 22466435

FACEBOOK: Baby B KuwaitTWITTER: @Babyb_q8  

Razan Al Azzouni
المصممة السعودية رزان العزوني 

by Lubna Al-Nakib

Facebook: Jewelry By Lubna Al-Nakib,
Twitter: Lubna Al Nakib @ SoLuluJewelry
Phone: 97343929

The BRITTO Collection 

They gave me that Lovely gift :) 

The Britto Collection is an offical line of merchandise inspired by the art and designs of modern-day pop-culture icon, Romero Britto.

The website in Kuwait

Milk Cafe 

Honey Comb from Milk Cafe :) 


As part of your contribution , u can shop at the exhibition or buy a silk ribbon 
اخر شي بالمعرض ممكن انكم تتبرعون بأي مبلغ او انكم تشترون اي شريطة و تربطونها بالمجسم اللي انشالله راح ينعرض وقت افتتاح دار الأيتام 

Then u can enjoy tasty food from Munch with your friends 

At the end , special thanks to Noaf Hussein the founder of Pretty little Things for her amazing hard work just to create a smile on the others

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