Monday, March 12, 2012

What is "KAF" ??


 I came cross this tweet :  " @UN_Women :  Our Goodwill Ambassador Nicole #Kidman is now speaking at the #Kuwait America Foundation’s benefit gala. Follow us here!"
and I asked myself , what is Kuwait America Benefits Foundation ???  i didn`t hear about it before , and to be honest I am ashamed that I don`t know about such an important organization  , mentioning  my country`s name ? 

Thanks to I found all about that foundation :

About KAF

The Kuwait-America Foundation (KAF) is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization founded in 1991. Its core mission, inspired by Kuwait’s liberation by Allied Coalition forces in the Gulf War, is to express gratitude for American sacrifice during the Gulf War, and to strengthen ties between the peoples of the United States and Kuwait.
The founding directors of the Kuwait-America Foundation are Dr. Hassan Al-Ebraheem, Mr. Fawzi Al-Sultan, and Mr. Daniel Q. Calliser, Esq., all of who were involved in the Citizens for a Free Kuwait Campaign in Washington, D.C. during the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait.
Funding for KAF’s programs comes from hundreds of Kuwaiti individuals, organizations, and corporations. All KAF events and programs communicate the sincere desire of the people of Kuwait to have a strong and lasting relationship, at a grass-roots level, with the United States and to express their commitment to the welfare of people worldwide.”

"Board of Trustees

H.H. Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah
Honorary Chairman of Kuwait-America Foundation
The Amir of Kuwait
Dr. Hassan Al-Ebraheem
Chairman of Kuwait-America Foundation
& Chairman of Kuwait Society for the Advancement of Arab Children
Mr. Abdul-Rahman Al-Ateeqi
Advisor to H.H. The Amir of Kuwait since 1981 & Former Minister
Mr. Anwar Al-Nouri
Deputy Chairman of Kuwait-America Foundation,
Former Minister, Manager/Partner of Arab Information Management Services.
Mr. Faisal Ali MutawaAli Abdulwahab Sons & Co.
Mr. Fawzi Al-Sultan
Senior Partner F & N Consultancy
Mr. Issam Mohammed Al-Bahar
Mr. Jassim Al-Kharafi
Head of the Kuwaiti Parliament
Mr. Mohammed Al-Naqqi
Kuwait Industries Co.

Dr. Mohammed Al-Sabah
Kuwait Foreign Minister

Mr. Qutayba Al-Ghanim
Chairman of Alghanim Industries

Dr. Souad Al-Sabah
Kuwaiti poet & Economic Writer, Founder Member of Arab Organization
for Human Rights

Sheikh Ali AlKhalifa Al-Sabah

Former Minister

Mr. Abdullah Al-Ghanim
Former Minister & Prominent Businessman

Mr. Abdullatif Al-Hamad

General Manager/Chairman of Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development

Mr. Abdul Mohsin Al-Thuwaini
Ahmadiah Contracting and Trading Co.

Mr. Daniel Q. Callister


Mr. Jassim Qabazard
President of Jassim Qabazard Engineering Consultants & Chairman of Gulf
Inspection International

Mr. Hamid Al-Sarraf

Dr. Adnan Shihab Elddine
Consultant & Expert for Companies & Organizations

Mr. Saleh Al-Zouman

Fosterlane Management Corporation-USA"
For more Info , check Kaf website :

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