Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Trying to be Fit

I started this year with a new habit, working out . I used to be that skinny girl when I was in high school, I wasn`t thinking that one day I may gain weight, or I will be suffering from slow metoblasim. Things changed, specially after I got married and after treatments courses that made me gaine more than 20KG.

I managed to lose that weight last year, on my 30th Birthday , but it never stays as it is . I started to think about doing  one of these stomach operations, JJ got mad and we had masses arguments regarding that issue . I was struggling with my weight  , people will keep telling you how fat u are as if u don`t know : (  

So the only option left, is to start working out .

That is a big step for me , everyone knows how lazy I am , but really I have no choice .
So wish me luck with  my new lifestyle  , and I will keep updates with my progress . i keep my self


Anonymous said...

emwafeqa ... try swimming,it's the best..
me too i wish to loose wieght:p

Standy said...

that makes us 2.. i am with you to loose the wieght :D